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SteveJWR - Steve JW Roberts  

Steve JWR - JP (Qual)

Wecome to my little corner of the internet. I have this website in place as a personal cronical of my life and achievements. It serves as a reminisence if you like. One that I am prepared to share with those who may be interested and those whom have crossed paths and shared this exciting ride. - FOUR YEARS OF EVOLUTION MANILA

I love what I do and the family that I work with - THE EVOLUTION GROUP HOLDINGS. Celebrating my 14th year with the company, I am working in the Philippines out of our Manila office. Training Filipino engineers in Risk Assessment and Australian traffic management. They complete the processes that we can not fulfil in Australia. I utilise computer aided design (CAD) to provide traffic management solutions. Specialising in major projects, I have worked on; LBBJV (Clem7), BCC, Fulton Hogan (Flood Reseals), Allens Asphalt (Main Roads Profile & Reseals), Queensland Rail (Fun Runs), USM Events (Noosa Triathalons), Ergon, Energex, BMD (Bruce Highway Upgrades), Brisbane Underground Bus & Train Tunnel, Valley Fiestas, Boral & QUU Emergency Response Plans and for the Brisbane Airport Corporation & their sub contractors.

I met my now wife Melody here in Manila. We were married in December 2016 up in her home town Aringay by the family preist, Father Elmer. Learning the language and the local dialects is no mean feat. Melody and I are blessed to have a child on the way due toward the end of 2017. This will be her second to Ivan who is 13 and going to school in the province. It is great to devote time to family and not be such a workaholic.

I am a Justice of the Peace (Qualified), have been a Student Pilot, Company Director, IT Consultant, Photographer, DJ retired and a little Eccentric! I was Lee Kernaghan's Personal Assistant, spending ten years touring all over Australia finishing up in 2010 to enjoy more 'me time'. I have been an ASO4 (C3) with the Commonwealth contracted to Centrelink as the Area CNQ and Area Brisbane Webmaster and IT Trainer. I have worked for the ABC Radio at Broadcast Centre in Hobart as a ROPO (Sound Engineer) and before that DJd in clubs and on radio in the Melbourne, Tassie and Townsville. Read more in my bio ...

I have always had some kind of community involvement throughout my life. Youth Affairs Council in Tassie. Bleinheim Rural Fire Service in the Lochyer Valley, Crebral Pawsy League in Fig Tree Pocket, Queens Arms Hotel v The Arthur Street Alliance, establishing the Valley Entertainment Precinct and other smaller community roles. I oversee a my local Neighbourhood Watch groups online assets. Boondall 18 Neighbourhood watch,, their Facebook and Twitter pages.

in January 2014 I was inducted into the Brisbane State Emergency Service, North Eastern Group. I am following the support role specialising in communications and looking to become a SAE in 2015. I was involved as a role player in the recent Brisbane Airport Corporation's 'Southern Cross Excercise'. An all services responce to an aircraft crash 300m on the mud flats north of the Brisbane Airport. There is a lot more 'adventures' to come, I'm sure, a more recent 'event' was my involvement with the G20 motorcade security. With the SES I have my First Aid and CPR accreditations along with a list of other Nationally recognised attainments. Read more ...

Chilling poolside in Ubud

As a sworn Justice of the Peace (Qualified) in the State of Queensland in November 2004, I continue with the community service theme. I have assisted the Queensland Police Service, the Crime and Misconduct Commission, Customs and other authorities with warrants, searches, representing minors, examinations and served the general public with Powers of Attorney, document certification, affidavit and statutory declarations to point out just a few of our duties.

I have travelled all over our beautiful country of Austraila. Broome to Byron. Darwin to Dover (a town south of Hobart). I have traveled internationally focusing on the Asia Pacific Region. Malysia, Singapore and Indonesia. My favourite is Ubud. Get a way from the touristy Denpasar and head up to the Bali rainforest, a beautiful tranquil place to kick back on the edge of a water fall and chill.

NOTE: comments I make on this and other media are my own and should not be taken as any reflection on my employers. At times these comments may conflict with the views of my employers, past and present. They are my own and should be cited as such unless specifically noted.

This is my 'creed'. It pretty much wraps up what I am about.

If you see anything that you feel is wrong, don't walk by.
Do something about it or let someone else know that can assist.
If you can help someone, extend your hand,
never turn away ....

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